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The simplest and most effective human error reduction program, with 100% proven effectiveness when fully implemented in different organizations around the world. This valid scientific model combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies and provides practical tools that would assist your organization in achieving desired results; increase productivity and human reliability. If your problem is Human Error, we are your solution.


Human Error Solutions

Human Error Solutions is a Florida based boutique consulting firm dedicated to human error reduction, helping organizations maximize their productivity, increase human reliability, and achieve organizational goals by optimizing the utilization of existing resources, comply with regulations and discover how to reduce human error in manufacturing and production.

Our company is composed of exceptionally qualified consultants, led by Industrial Psychologist Ginette Collazo P.H. D., which assess your business, processes, technology, and most importantly, human behavior and their interaction with those elements.

We are external consultants with an internal consulting approach. We understand that not one size fits all, so our consulting services are specifically designed for your real day to day operation environment. Our 100% effective Consulting Model is based on an Active to Transfer Approach which means we prepare you to continue the process without us. We believe in helping your organization learn how to reduce human error in manufacturing, providing tangible and sustainable results.

Take your performance to the next level with our ready to use programs, including online human error reduction, CAPA training, and regulatory compliance courses! Through case studies, scientific data, analysis, facts sharing and engaging collaborative discussions, participants implement practical tools that ensure the most corrective knowledge. Our goal is not to merely teach, but that you learn and be ahead of the game, from A to Z Human Error Solutions customized.

Dates, locations, and registration to all our live and online interactive workshops. Join us!

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