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Increase Human Reliability

Human Error Solutions is a Florida based boutique type consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations maximize its productivity, increase human reliability, and achieve organizational goals by optimizing the utilization of existing resources.

Our company is composed of exceptionally qualified consultants, led by Industrial Psychologist Ginette Collazo P.H. D., which assess your business, processes, technology, and most importantly, human behavior and their interaction with those elements.

After understanding that knowledge by itself does not modify behavior, the search for answers led Dr. Collazo to specialize in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology throughout her career. As a result, she developed The Human Error Reduction Model and methodology, the simplest and most effective human error reduction program, with 100% efficiency proven when fully implemented in different organizations around the world. This valid scientific model combines qualitative and quantitative methodologies, changes and improve organizational cultures and environments, and has the tools to generate immediate results.

While many programs focus on accidents and safety, and even though these are a priority, the Human Error Solutions approach centers on quality issues; procedure deviations and other human factors that become an obstacle for productivity and often negatively impact businesses profitability.


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