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Human Error In GMP Environments—Virtual Boot Camp

Human Error in GMP Environments—Virtual Boot Camp


February 28


01:00 pm - 04:00 pm

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Human Error Solutions

Learn How to Minimize Human Performance Errors in Your GMP Facility

Human error is the primary cause of quality and production losses in many industries. Several variables that affect human behavior—such as procedures, training, and workplace environment—can be manipulated to reduce the likelihood of these occurrences. But you need to understand human behavior and the psychology of error, and know exactly where the weaknesses of the system lie, so that you can improve and/or fix them.

Learn how to effectively address human performance issues in GMP related environments in this power-packed virtual boot camp by industry expert Ginette Collazo. Collazo will walk you through practical approaches, tools and models to address human performance issues by using a particular methodology to correct, prevent, and avoid error recurrence.

In session 1, Collazo will provide an overview of the human error phenomena, and explain the importance of human error prevention/reduction. You will learn the psychology of error, the importance of motivation and attention, as well as facts about human error, and the impact of culture, collective behavior, and habits. Plus, you will learn a few important models and formulas.

In session 2, Collazo will discuss human error as the root cause, explain how human error is controlled, and walk you through the root cause determination process. You will learn the 6-step method for error prevention, human error rate measurement, trending and tracking, prediction, as well as CAPA effectiveness. Plus, you will learn about important error reduction tools, metrics, and KPIs.

After attending this comprehensive virtual boot camp, you will be armed with the knowledge and the practical tools you need to identify, predict, measure, track, prevent, and fix human error-related performance issues in your GMP regulated manufacturing facility.

Date: February, 28th, 2019

Time: 01:00 PM EST

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