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How Can Great Management Reduce Human Error In The Workplace?

reducing human error
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It might seem like all workplace employees play a part in reducing human error in the workplace, a particular burden is placed on the shoulders of management. Without quality leadership, your excellent staff of highly trained employees will be sure to fail.

Here’s how great managers seek to improve the productivity of their employees by reducing human error and attention failures.

They practice transparency

Around 50% of employees claim that they became more productive and more motivated once their bosses shared important information and data with their team. Though it may seem like your employees cannot benefit from knowing everything, practicing transparency is key in motivating productive employees to do their best. In fact, the number one complaint employees held regarding their employers is that management doesn’t communicate enough.

Opening lines of communication among and between employees is an essential first step to changing your workplace for the better.

They take risks

Great leaders aren’t placated by meeting goals and staying in their lane. Truly inspiring leaders and great members of management will accept that there’s a reasonable level of risk in every situation. Though it’s essential to balance risk-taking and risk avoidance, it’s up to the leader to establish a place of learning and understanding. The best way they can do this is by taking risks.

They believe in their staff

A good manager will give orders and expect tasks to be completed in a timely manner. A great manager will rely on their team to work toward a common goal that has the potential to change the world. By working with a group of passionate, innovative people, and consistently showing that management cares about their team, you’re ensuring each member of the team is valued and cared for.

They’re empathetic

Along with opening lines of communication, it’s essential that the manager is able to put themselves into the shoes of the employee. Without a clear understanding of their workload and capabilities, bad managers may overburden their staff or ignore their calls for change.

There are countless aspects to reducing human error and cognitive load errors. By establishing better managerial practices, however, a good team can quickly become a great one.

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