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Perception refers to the process of interpreting sensory information received from the environment. It involves the brain receiving and processing information from our senses, such as sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Perception is subjective and can vary from person…


The importance of employee participation

Employee participation is a critical component of organizational success. It refers to the involvement of employees in decision-making processes that affect their work environment and the overall functioning of the organization. Employee participation can take many forms, ranging from providing…


Memory Failure Types and Human Error

Memory failures can be devastating and far-reaching. The consequences can be severe, whether it’s an individual forgetting a key piece of information or an entire system crashing. In this article, we’ll explore what memory failure is, its causes and effects,…


The Unseen Human Errors Occurring Everyday

There are multitudes of human errors that can occur in the workplace. Some of these errors are minor lapses of judgement and others can lead to major production hazards. The human errors which can take place are not always recognizable…


3 Tips to Increasing Productivity in Remote Working

Your productivity changes when you work from home versus working in an office. The at-home atmosphere is not what you are accustomed to, and this alters how you go about your average workday. When you notice your productivity levels decreasing,…

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Key Strategies To Reduce Human Error

Alexander Pope famously said, "To err is human." Hundreds of years later, not much has changed. People make mistakes. People will always make mistakes, and that includes your most well-meaning employees. While mistakes are inevitable, they come with their fair…