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ChatGPT and Human Error

ChatGTP, or Chat with Generative Pre-trained Transformer, is an artificial intelligence platform designed to engage in natural language conversations with human users. The system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to understand and interpret the nuances of human language, enabling it…


Less Errors, More Productivity

Human Error Solutions is a company that provides tailored human error prevention training and solutions for businesses. We specialize in developing customized strategies necessary to reduce human error in the workplace and delivering the latest best practices, processes, technology, and…



Perception refers to the process of interpreting sensory information received from the environment. It involves the brain receiving and processing information from our senses, such as sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Perception is subjective and can vary from person…


The importance of employee participation

Employee participation is a critical component of organizational success. It refers to the involvement of employees in decision-making processes that affect their work environment and the overall functioning of the organization. Employee participation can take many forms, ranging from providing…

how to prevent human error in manufacturing

How to Prevent Human Error in Manufacturing

Manufacturing errors are costly and can impede your operations substantially. Even a single manufacturing error can set you back millions of dollars, especially if you manufacture products in bulk. Most of the errors in manufacturing are a result of human…

Doctor Collazo

5 Ways to Prevent Human Error Disasters

Human error is the primary cause of accidents and disasters in industries, especially in the drug and device manufacturing industry, where it accounts for 80% of all incidents. Human error refers to anything that is inadvertently done by an employee,…


Playing The Game: Human Error In Sports

Human error plays a role in every single industry where, well, humans work. We are exceedingly fallible creatures, and accidents occur with relative frequency, regardless of the job being performed. Though there are many methods and human error prevention tools available to…