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Human Error Reduction Program

Methods to Improving Managerial Skills: Part 2

Consistently wanting to improve one's skills is a goal all managers must possess in every field. Being an excellent manager does not occur overnight. Molding oneself into an efficient manager requires time, practice, and awareness. With these factors in mind,…

Reducing Human Error

5 Ways of Reducing Human Error in Manufacturing

Human error is a common occurrence in all organizations. For example, Amazon experienced an outage in 2017 due to human error. Another example is the cancellation of flights due to data center outage in British Airways in 2017. These errors…


Step #3 Root Cause Determination: Procedures

In a previous blog post, we discussed the Training topic. Today we are going to learn how procedures could be the main reason for errors of execution on the manufacturing floor. Procedures are rules, and we create rules when we…

Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP Training and Consulting

Standing for Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP training for error prevention is vital to reducing human error and ensuring high-quality production standards. Regardless of professional field, most lapses in product quality are direct results of human error rather than technological malfunctions,…