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The Unseen Human Errors Occurring Everyday

There are multitudes of human errors that can occur in the workplace. Some of these errors are minor lapses of judgement and others can lead to major production hazards. The human errors which can take place are not always recognizable until it is too late. Unseen errors are risks that are either ignored or invisible to the naked eye. Errors such as these can create immense damage in a work environment if remained undetected. Here is a list of common unseen human errors to look out for.

​Attention to Detail
Attention errors, though common, can slip through the cracks if someone is not careful. What classifies this as an unseen error are the reasons which lead to it. An employee can lose focus from their work for a number of reasons including stress, overworking, sleep deprivation, etc. A manager can walk past an employee experiencing any of these issues and not be aware of how it will impact the quality of the work.

​Poor Guidelines
The boss or the manager can be the cause of unseen human errors as well. Poor guidelines and rules have been the source of numerous incidents that can happen in the workplace. Why poor guidelines are known as unseen errors is because there can be rules implemented that lack awareness to how they will impact a project. While the rule may be created to either save production time or resources, cutting corners is where more errors tend to rise.

Entrusting one to remember everything about a project or requirements for an assignment is never a successful strategy. Memory is a regularly occurring unseen error due to the simple concept of forgetfulness. A person’s memory is never fully accurate and can leave out critical details required for a project to be completed. Every person in the same meeting will have a different memory of the details and what took place. Memory errors also apply to important dates that can clean from one’s mind if one is not careful.