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How Organizations Can Help Their New Hires

Starting a new job at a new company is both exciting and overwhelming. Newly hired employees bring all their talents and experiences to their new workplace, but have trouble adjusting to the new environment. Every organization possesses their own rules, operations, and culture. Acclimating to a different workplace is challenging and takes time for a new employee to feel comfortable. This is how organizations can help their new hires adjust to their new work environment.

​Mentoring and Guidance
New employees need help navigating around the office as well as understanding how an organization runs. On their first day, the new hire should be given a mentor or guide to help them learn. Every organization operates to different standards depending on the industry. Mentors provide their knowledge of the organization to the new employee, and teach them how to go about their work. A mentor also becomes a person the new employee can count on and talk to. They will help the new hire feel welcomed, making it easier for them to adjust to their surroundings.

Workshops and Online Classes
Employees want to be given the opportunity to learn and develop their skills. Organizations that provide these benefits are known to have a healthier work environment and better work ethics. Workshops and online classes teaching human error reduction training, especially, benefit the new employees. New employees are given a step ahead in their new role by learning how to avoid human errors earlier rather than later. Since they are already adapting to their new position, implementing what they learned from the workshops is a faster process compared to an employee who has been in the organization longer.

​Emotional Support and Communication
As claimed before, starting a new position in a new organization is overwhelming for a new employee. They need to feel supported by the organization to have a higher chance of success. On the first day, be sure to let the new hires know they can voice their concerns or notify someone if they are struggling with an assignment. Opening communication should always be an organizational standard.