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human error reduction and prevention

Most Cyber Attacks are related to vulnerabilities caused by Human Error

Evidence shows that many cyberattacks could be prevented with better people-management protocols or human error reduction training. The estimated cost of cyber attacks is above $15 million per year. Overall, research has found that about 90% of all cyber claims came from some type of human error or behavior such as employee negligence or malicious acts. Less than 20% accounted for an external threat and extortion accounted for a measly 2%.

Addressing the Problem

Often times human factor is often ignored despite it being a critical element in building a strong defense. Computers don’t create crimes, it’s the people behind them or within an organization that might be complicit as well. Addressing the problem could be a simple matter of conducting human error reduction training sessions that advise and teach employees how to recognize, prevent, and react to an attack.

What To Do

Topics could focus on the use of approved software, applying strong passwords, or common sense practices around technology access. Introducing period background checks of employees is another action towards prevention and vigilance of attacks. Small actions like leaving all business equipment such as computers, in the office rather than taking them home can ensure that access to sensitive information is only provided on a need-to-know basis.

At Human Error Solutions, we know and understand that human error is known to be the primary cause of quality and production losses in many industries. That’s why we develop what you need; a practical scientific approach to human error reduction and prevention that combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies, easy-to-use tools, and comprehensive training courses. Our program provides you with everything you need to understand your current situation and fix it once and for all, from a psychological and behavior modification perspective. Our human error prevention training is focused on finding, and fixing, the why. Contact us today to learn more.