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human error reduction program

Methods to Improving Managerial Skills: Part 2

Consistently wanting to improve one’s skills is a goal all managers must possess in every field. Being an excellent manager does not occur overnight. Molding oneself into an efficient manager requires time, practice, and awareness. With these factors in mind, there are methods to how someone can become a great manager for their team. Here is the second edition to improving managerial skills.

Empowering and Inspiring Team Members
A team is not a team without the people the manager is leading. There is a difference between simply managing and leading a team. Of course a manager must have the skills to manage their team, but they also need skills to properly lead their coworkers through every project. Empowering team members have different definitions, except with the common goal of everyone being inspired to increase their productivity. Some easy ways to empower team members is by listening, giving them more responsibility, and by taking their opinions into consideration. 

Taking A Stand to Resolving Conflicts 

A flaw all managers struggle with in their managerial career is conflict. This problem can happen between team members or between a team member and the manager. Conflict will always be a problem during a project. What matters is how a manager handles conflict and if they allow it to impact the rest of the project. Managers must take a stand in conflict resolution practices. In these cases, the manager must be the bigger person and look at how the conflict affects the rest of the team and project. Not every team member has to like the manager’s decision, but they do have to respect it when it comes to the efficiency of the work. 

Undergoing Human Error Reduction Program 

Managers need to accept that they are not perfect human beings, and that is okay. There will always be one problem or another in a project or a team. What matters is how the manager moves forward on preventing these problems in the future. By entering a human error reduction program, the manager and team members can effectively analyze and understand where errors commonly occur in their workplace.