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Human Error Reduction Program

What to Know About a Human Error Reduction Program

All businesses throughout different industries have faced errors or complications in some form or fashion. Errors are naturally bound to happen, but how they are resolved and avoided in the future can impact how long a business lasts for. Decreasing the likelihood of errors requires a business to take action and find the solutions necessary to steer clear of problems in the future. Undergoing a Human Error Reduction Program provides any business the tools and foundations recommended to prevent human errors from occurring. Here is an inside look into a Human Error Reduction Program.

The ​Philosophy Behind It
No employee enters their workday with the intent to do harm to a business. When a situation arises, it is easier to place blame rather than search for the answer to the problem. The philosophy surrounding a Human Error Reduction Program is to focus on the problem and finding the solution instead of pushing blame on an employee. This type of thinking opens up new perspectives and methodologies that will better assist in reducing errors for a business.

​Why This Program Matters
Human errors have been known to be a primary cause to quality and production losses in for a business. Most of the time, businesses do not look deeper into the error than what is right in front of them. The error, itself, shows what has happened, but does not explain why it happened. A program with the objective to reduce human error looks into the cause of the problem. Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, the program can help a business answer why the error occurred and what can be done to prevent it from happening again.

​Knowing the Benefits
While the main benefit of a Human Error Reduction Program is to reduce human errors in the workplace, there are other benefits as well. When the program is fully implemented, a business’s deviations can be reduced 60% in a span of ten to twelve months. Within this time frame, a business will notice a reduction in customer complaints, improvement in employee motivation, reduction in costs, etc.