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online human error prevention training

Human Errors Found in Technology Projects and How to Stop Them

The technology industry has overwhelmingly grown over the past decade. More companies than ever are branching out to the tech field, and expanding their technology department to create newer and more improved innovations. Within the transition to more technological projects, human errors are bound to occur. If not properly corrected, then these errors are likely to happen over and over again. These are the common human errors in technology projects and how they can be stopped.

​Lacking Communication with Stakeholders
A popular human error that arises in most, if not all, technology projects is communication. This error can be found between team members, team members and the manager, etc. More often than not, the problem with communication is between the stakeholders of the project and the project team. Managing and communicating with stakeholders is a delicate matter, and must be made a top priority.   To fix this error, there needs to be a detailed understanding on how to communicate with each stakeholder and their level of interest in the project. Some may require specific details and some may want daily updates. The important thing to remember to keep track of this communication.

Misunderstanding Requirements
​Ambiguous requirements for a technological project can be expected. When they are too ambiguous, a problem is certain to come up along the way in development. Requirements for the project are created at the beginning of the project and more are added as the project moves forward. When wording the requirements, they need to be easy to understand for the team members and anyone else with a stake in the project. Unclear wording can result in confusion and a higher risk of poor quality in the overall project. 

​Human errors occur in every setting and industry. How a company handles these errors is what can set this company apart from its competitors. Encouraging employees and managers to undergo online human error prevention training is where any company should begin when expanding to the technology field to prevent these common errors from happening under their watch.