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Human error prevention training

Methods to Improving Managerial Skills: Part 1.

In any professional work environment, possessing proper managerial skills is a necessity. Succeeding in the modern workplace requires continuous improvement to one’s skills in all areas including management. At the beginning of this new year and time of self-reflection, one must take the opportunity to hone in their managerial skills and these are the methods to do so.

​Becoming More Self-Aware
The first step to improving managerial skills is to know where there needs to be growth. To be an excellent manager means admitting to one’s own strengths and weaknesses. Honestly assessing oneself is not a sign of a poor manager, but of one who wishes to better themselves and therefore their entire team. This assessment can vary from a quiz or holding individual meetings with peers about everyday performance. Feedback is an important element to becoming a successful manager.

​Enhancing Decision-Making
One of the primary factors to being a manager is the ability to make decisions. While this responsibility rests on the manager, they must take into consideration on who is impacted the most by the result: the team. Including the team in the decision-making process shows how the manager values their input on what is occurring in a project. The manager is taking all perspectives into account prior to finalizing their decision. This approach is for the manager to collect all data points before formulating a proper response to a situation. Being analytical is sometimes an overlooked skill, but necessary nonetheless.

Taking Necessary Training
Part of continuous improvement to one’s skill set is taking certified training. There is only so much one can do to improve themselves within their sphere of influence. By undergoing training, the manager is able to remove risks of human error within their self-assessment. There may be components needed to one’s improvement that they will not recognize until they are educated about it. Human error prevention training provides a perspective of the errors within a team and with the manager, and how they can be corrected for the future.