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Staying Productive and Stopping Human Errors During the Holiday Season

Keeping productive while working from home is a difficult task. Staying productive while working from home during the holiday season has proven to be more of a challenge than expected. Studies show productivity and efficiency rates tend to decrease during the holidays. When these rates lower, attention failures rise. To avoid human errors, here are some tips to stay productive during this holiday season.

Setting Reminders
​Time may feel as though it blurs together when working from home. It is normal to feel out of place while working, especially during the holidays. Setting strict reminders is a quick and effective method to staying on task. These reminders are meant to notify when to begin a task, when a task should be completed, and the task’s final due date. Programming reminders will help spread out a schedule for the coming months without feeling overwhelmed by work. 

Mindful of Distractions
​Distractions seem to fall from the sky around the holidays. The several personal tasks such as shopping and cooking can remove focus from work tasks. Attention failures grow this time of the year, so it is best recommended being mindful of any distractions that may occur. Most of these holiday distractions can be separated from work. Trying completing the normal holiday tasks after work, during breaks, or on a day off. For the regular work distractions, they appear to heighten more so than ever. Keep a watchful eye out for them and remove them from the workspace when necessary. 

Remember the Spirit of the Holidays
​Particularly this holiday season may seem too much for many of those working from home. They may not be able to celebrate the way they to this year due to the current circumstances. The best tip is to remember what this season is about and look for ways to keep up the holiday spirit. The stress that comes with the holidays may be overpowering, but it does not last forever. Remember the positives to help maintain a good mindset while at work. When someone is in a positive place, their work productivity will increase this season rather than drop.

Use Free Time Wisely
As busy as the holidays may be, there are times in the workday when it is quiet. During these quiet periods, fill them with tasks that will be beneficial to one’s professional career for years to come. Taking an online workshop or training with Human Error Solutions gives the upper hand to anyone in the labor market who is looking to elevate their position in any industry. Take advantage of the holiday season to sharpen one’s skills for the coming year.