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Good Manufacturing Practices

GMP Training and Consulting

Standing for Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP training for error prevention is vital to reducing human error and ensuring high-quality production standards. Regardless of professional field, most lapses in product quality are direct results of human error rather than technological malfunctions,…

human error investigation

Marijuana Infused Cake Wreaks Havoc In Factory

If you're wondering how to prevent human error in workplace situations, let's take a page out of some recent, fairly disturbing news. Human error results in more than 80% of problems in both the Drug and Device Manufacturing Industry. Sometimes…


Human Error: Tracking and Trending

Past errors, if they are not found and fixed, are often predictive of future mistakes. This is why companies must track and trend errors in the manufacturing environment. The causes of the errors must be identified, categorized and analyzed so…

how to prevent human error in workplace

How to Prevent Human Error In Workplaces: 7 Tips

Human error is responsible for up to 90% of workplace accidents, so it's essential for any business, no matter what industry you're working in, to prevent these errors by any means necessary. Here are some great tips for how to…


Something Went Wrong, Now What?

As long as we're human beings, errors will happen. How we respond to them is paramount to learning from them versus repeating them. Human error reduction training and regulatory compliance courses online or in person will never stop the inevitable but…


Problems and Solutions: AI and Human Error

It’s unquestionable that one reason for artificial intelligence to exist is to avoid direct human intervention, so human error is eliminated. And understandably so! Recently, human error was named the number one reason for manufacturing and production losses in a…