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Human Error Reduction Program

The Phases of Reducing Human Error

When an organization first signs up for a Human Error Reduction Program, they are giving notice that they are willing to do what it takes to put themselves on top. Reducing human error requires time, commitment, and determination. An organization…

human error reduction training program

How Organizations Can Help Their New Hires

Starting a new job at a new company is both exciting and overwhelming. Newly hired employees bring all their talents and experiences to their new workplace, but have trouble adjusting to the new environment. Every organization possesses their own rules,…

human error reduction program

Methods to Improving Managerial Skills: Part 2

Consistently wanting to improve one's skills is a goal all managers must possess in every field. Being an excellent manager does not occur overnight. Molding oneself into an efficient manager requires time, practice, and awareness. With these factors in mind,…

Human error prevention training

Methods to Improving Managerial Skills: Part 1.

In any professional work environment, possessing proper managerial skills is a necessity. Succeeding in the modern workplace requires continuous improvement to one's skills in all areas including management. At the beginning of this new year and time of self-reflection, one…


The Unseen Human Errors Occurring Everyday

There are multitudes of human errors that can occur in the workplace. Some of these errors are minor lapses of judgement and others can lead to major production hazards. The human errors which can take place are not always recognizable…